City of music

This is the place where music flows through the veins of its people and beats in the cement heart and earth under our feet. The city where ghosts and hauntings creep up your spine and where gas lit lamps shine in the dark. The city where music and freedom are the foundation, where people smile … More City of music

Rimini day one

I’m walking on the beach and as I walk hot water gives way to cold and hot again with each step. The waves move forward shattering light into millions of rays across the bottom of the shallow sea. I feel the wave-carved sand under my feet, caressing the skin with each step. Water slithers up … More Rimini day one

Unfurling tail

18th April, 2017 The sirens whirl past the windows of Waterstones, bursting through my headphones and interrupting my happy music. I can imagine the sirens whizzing on towards Trafalgar square. The cold lions slowly become warmer to the touch. A child has climbed on them despite the railings and he is the only one who feels the … More Unfurling tail


Fourth floor. Waterstones. My mind? Still wandering the streets. A man of eighty or so sits on the other side of this round table, which as usual is covered in books. He’s in the only other red chair in the room. Wearing a brown overcoat. His bright pink shirtsleeves are peeking out at each wrist. … More Trembles

White clouds

A man, his hands trembling and his pace slow, carries a bag with a Pentax, a floral black umbrella and a plastic bag full of books. He takes the stairs down from the fourth floor, bracing the rail and bracing the height. With each landing he pauses, browsing tables of books and thumbing the covers. … More White clouds