I’m back at Waterstones and I love writing here. The smells. The sounds. The feeling of the chairs. The inspiration coming from all the other people around me. Shame that as I pluck away, something gets stuck. The book sort of fell off a cliff of pointlessness. Well ok maybe not, but at least that’s how it feels. I woke up this morning feeling so certain that today is the day I write. And I started the chapter, and it all was going well until something actually had to happen in the book. Now all of a sudden I’m cold, uncomfortable and sneezing all too often. It’s not all procrastination. Really! I swear! I do have a cold! Tissues and all! They’re crammed in my bag, beside Catcher in the Rye, the notebook I write morning pages in, and the Moleskine I’ve been flooding with inspiration and pretty-ness. I like pretty things, and this alcove is actually quite pretty. I’m surrounded by foreign languages, so even if I am tempted to procrastinate by reading the titles around me, generally I can’t! I see 601 French Verbs and Get Started in German, but hey, after about 100 of those, I don’t really want to keep reading. So I pull out a tissue from the bag and blow my nose again. And I blow it so hard, my ears got blocked. I can still hear the shuffle of books beside me and on the other side of this alcove. A girl in a really bright yellowpretendingtobegold sweater walks past and doesn’t turn this way, so I assume at least that my plucking at a keyboard isn’t too loud and annoying. A voice carries over, “I’m sure you were in the right place,” in such a full rich tone that I wonder if the girl, or woman, who it belongs to can sing. It was so clear – not like the usual croaking you hear in the autumn. Ding, the elevator arrived. It’s just four floors up, so I wonder if the person who climbed out of it was just being lazy or if they had a reason. Someone runs. Her steps are firm. Must be a woman because the heels clattered on the floor, even through this carpet. I don’t know what could be so urgent, but at least I’m curious. Clattering heels reminds me of the way my chapter started – and I really liked writing all those descriptions of the environment. It’s a good shift from the horror and action packed chapter before. But now what? I’m not sure. Should I go back to it or just write something else for a bit and get back to it after lunch… well at least I’m writing something!


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