In the air again

On the plane again and the steward is to my right pulling napkins from a blue plastic cup and handing them to the customer – he tugs on one oh so carefully, making sure he only pinches a single sheet – it’s Wizz air after all! Can’t give the customers anything extra, or rather let’s be kind, let’s minimize the pollution and garbage impact we have on this world.
Mmm chocolate – that’s all that’s on my mind now. Of course! Dairy milk is just so tasty, isn’t it? I’m editing too much as I write, and writing on a different computer is actually challenging! The slightest wrong move, and everything changes. I keep hitting the arrow keys instead of a shift key so writing on a pc with a different sort of keyboard is a refreshing or rather an intimidating experience. But it’s November and of course NaNoWriMo is on so I want to write and write I shall! Whether that’ll happen easily or with me half-wishing I could throw this tablet off the plane is another matter. So what are you all doing for NaNoWriMo this year? Have you actually started writing for it? I’ll be travelling so much, thus won’t have time to do it this year. So a beautiful friend of mine and I decided to write together for a month and be accountable to each other, maybe in January or February? Once all these travel arrangements ease up. Until then, I aim to finish the current narrative arch of my book, which as you may have noticed isn’t being written very efficiently – I blame the computer. Anyway, These seats are cramped and stiff and my back is forced into this awkward half straight-as-a-door half curved-as-an-elephant-trunk pose. I just noticed that I talk about chairs a lot here! Maybe that’s important. A study in the writer’s chair.
Whatever, the lady two rows in front of me is stretching up her arm to turn on the air but not for her; for a child or someone really really short sitting next to her. She’s reaching up, straining and her black sleeved pale arm meets the top of the plane. Her sun-kissed hair falls over the back of the chair in a tumble and the woman sitting directly behind her doesn’t notice. She’s too busy eating a chocolate bar
– interrupted by turbulence signs – had to put the computer away. Blah. So we’re back and I keep getting distracted by this mop of faux fur that starts off grey and ends up orange via a platinum strand, that’s topped up with a mop of dark brown-grey hair that ends as platinum via mousey that’s sticking out between the two seats in front of us. And she’s sleeping, resting her shoulder on a man with brown and grey rimmed glasses, whose lenses are so curved that from my angle I can see the window directly to his right. His hair is short and salt and pepper, though much more salt than pepper, with a bright pink scalp shining through. And he looks bored. Eyes fixed ahead, turning every so often to look around before locking his gaze on his tray table. Maybe he’s trying to sleep, who knows, but I think his wife is certainly enjoying it, what with some soft snores coming from her direction. He pursed his lip after a particularly loud snore and looked down at her. Then eyes were fixed looking forward once more. I’m nervously anticipating some email replies, though no way to check it here. And the plane moves forward. NaNoWriMo is a quarter of the way through, and I’m excited to at least tally up whatever writing I do, and see what it comes to this month. And now I’ll sleep. Au revoir


2 thoughts on “In the air again

  1. I can’t believe NaNoWriMo is almost 1/4 done! I saw someone tweeted that they had 25k words down..! Who are these people!? *starts typing furiously* wish I were with you on the plane! Sorry your tablet is annoying! At least it isn’t as clunky as a typewriter??


    1. yes definitely lighter than a typewriter!!!!! hope ypur writing is going well, wonderful friend! 😦 we can do 25k in a day *pish!* well ok maybe it takes a tiny bit longer than that :\


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