Jingle and Cheer



So it’s been a while. Hello again, and happy December!

Hope you’re all enjoying opening your first advent gifts or chocolates and the gear up to the holidays. I spent the morning whipping up fudge and we will spend the evening decorating our Christmas tree, while listening to Christmas songs, of course!

But for now, I’m sitting in an armchair on the fourth floor of Waterstones Piccadilly enjoying the gift buying frenzy that has possessed central London. Across from me is a man dressed entirely in blue with the notable exception of his brown docksiders. His right leg is tap tap tapping on the ground as he reads his peach newspaper – maybe it’s the Financial Times. I can’t see his face behind the sheets but he’s holding up his chin, resting it on his heavy arm. The paper is crinkled in half, he picks up his phone, and the tapping continues. Tap tap tap. And the paper is unfurled and lifted back up. There’s a crossword on the back but I can’t read a single clue in the miniscule print. A bus or rather a truck (sounded heavier) drives past outside and the windows gently rattle with the thrum. A happy customer was just handed a book he was looking for, and muttered great thanks in a slight Dutch accent. His hair flowed like a grey mane. He bundled up tight against this biting English cold and went on his way.

I see red everywhere. A man with white hair and a red jacket – no no it wasn’t Santa, this man didn’t have the beard. Red book covers stacked in piles. A red lanyard, and red table headers, all in the go-to-color for the season. A fake tree peeks over the shelf to my left, red and gold balls shining with the not-twinkling lights. A red woolly hat blocked my view, and voices murmuring in French drifted over like snow carried on a breeze. The tapping stopped. Only muffled steps, books falling on the shelves and the rustle of pages surround us now. I haven’t written in what feels like months, though it’s only been a few weeks of travel, so here’s to a fresh month and a fresh start of productivity. Today is a writing day.


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