The last chapter

Comfortable and excited. I can’t help but smile. There are at least a dozen people reading books around me, browsing titles on writing, on law, linguistics or more than a dozen other subjects, all absorbed in new knowledge. I’m listening to the Wicked soundtrack and feeling incredibly inspired – ready to take on the final chapter. I can hardly believe I’m here, about to write what I was aiming for from the moment I started this book, and learning more and more about my world with every strike of the keys. Yesterday was fantastic, with a chapter done in the morning where my characters not only surprised me, but also twisted me around their fingers.

There is an older man reading a paper seated to my left. If he knew what I’m about to do to one of these characters, I wonder if that would make him change seats. If the man to my right glanced at my screen for a moment instead of his own, what would he do? Would he remove his palm from against his face and wipe that lazy smirk off, or would he stiffen upright and widen his eyes? I enjoy those thoughts, and I really enjoy observing these people around me, these people who inspire me.


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