Writing with random inspiration

So my partner and I are doing the futurelearn “Start Writing Fiction” e-course together, and one assignment I found incredibly unblockifying is the following:

Turn on the radio randomly and write with the first couple of sentences you hear as the inspiration point for your story.

This is what I wrote:

Alice pulled on the string of her kite the way papa taught her to. She glanced up at the yellow ribbons she tied on the long twine. They made the kite together last Sunday after church, and papa was waiting on the other end of the field where he had let go of the sticks on its back. She ran, ran ran, her little legs cramped as her ankles twisted through the reeds and tall golden grass. She tripped on a stone, but caught herself, still staring up at the kite as it began to soar higher and higher. Papa waved his hands in the air. His smile was visible from all the way across the field. The wind pushed the kite higher, and she started slowing down. It was high, high, high up now, so all she had to do was tug on the string a little bit. The bells they tied on the bottom of the kite chimed and jingled.

Alice was a little tired so she sat on a bigger rock as papa walked over.

“I did it papa!” she called out.


“I did it!” she called out even louder, waving her free hand. He walked through the last of the trampled grass and was standing just over her, smiling. His smile vanished. He snatched her in his arms, swinging her up and ran away. She dropped the string and the kite was pulled on by the wind.

“Ow papa.” Alice was crying. Screaming her sobs out shattering through the trees louder than the wind and her papa’s quick treads. “My kite!” she screeched.
“Pa – pp – aaaa” she hiccupped, jostled as she dangled in his arms. He stopped running. Set her to the ground. Kneeled in front of her. Pulled her into his arms, and started crying. Sobs wracked his body.

“papa?” she asked, her timid voice still shrill from the crying.

“what’s the matter, papa?” he was still crying.

“can we go find the kite, please?”


“Promise me you won’t go looking for the kite. My little wonderland, do you remember when I told you there was a big big war here many many many years ago?”

She furrowed her brows.

“Well, there is a big bad thing in the field that can hurt you and I got so so scared. It could hurt both of us. It’s one of those things that fall from the sky and can turn everything to fire when it explodes and I got really scared.”

“It’s ok papa. We can make another kite.” She took his hand in her own, but he started crying and clutched her against his chest.

Can you guess what the radio passage was about?


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