The last chapter

Comfortable and excited. I can’t help but smile. There are at least a dozen people reading books around me, browsing titles on writing, on law, linguistics or more than a dozen other subjects, all absorbed in new knowledge. I’m listening to the Wicked soundtrack and feeling incredibly inspired – ready to take on the final … More The last chapter

This city

It’s been a while since I last sat in these semi-comfortable chairs to write. They feel smaller this time. I’m on the fourth once more, looking listlessly out of the windows at a building whose usage must have changed dozens of times before it reached its current state. I went on a little walk this … More This city

All quiet?

The bells are chiming, but not to mark the hour. Just clanging along – a merry tune. It’s almost Christmas, and Waterstones is busier than usual. I’m enjoying the flurry of people today, rustling past laden heavy with paper bags filled with wrapped gifts and the unknown. A man came by with his son. The … More All quiet?

Jingle and Cheer

  So it’s been a while. Hello again, and happy December! Hope you’re all enjoying opening your first advent gifts or chocolates and the gear up to the holidays. I spent the morning whipping up fudge and we will spend the evening decorating our Christmas tree, while listening to Christmas songs, of course! But for … More Jingle and Cheer

In the air again

On the plane again and the steward is to my right pulling napkins from a blue plastic cup and handing them to the customer – he tugs on one oh so carefully, making sure he only pinches a single sheet – it’s Wizz air after all! Can’t give the customers anything extra, or rather let’s … More In the air again